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University of Toronto offers summer program to students fleeing Ukraine

CBC Listen; July 4, 2022

University of Toronto computer science professor Michael Brudno has put together a summer research program for students fleeing Ukraine. Daria Kuckeruk is one of the students enrolled in this summer program. Guest host Julianne Hazlewood spoke with Daria and Michael about the program.

Putting the "Digital" in Digital Health Research

Digital Health Infocast; February 15, 2022

Machine learning, digital studies and other advances in computing are creating new opportunities for rapid health research and analysis. Join Dr. Michael Brudno (Chief Data Scientist, UHN Digital) and Bobby Gheorghiu (Director, Analytics, Canada Health Infoway) for a conversation about how “digital” digital health research is benefiting the health system, considerations when working with AI and building equity into research studies.