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I Am Always Interested In Bringing Smart Students And Postdoc Fellows Into My Research Group Who Share A Passion For This Space.

Here Is How You Apply:

undergraduate summer interns

Please contact me by email by December/January to be considered for summer projects. I typically take between 2-3 UofT students every summer to work through NSERC USRA or similar programs. I rarely take students before 3rd year or without excellent academic track-records.

undergraduate course research
(bcb 330/430, csc 495, engsci thesis & similar)

Please contact me a month or two prior to your ideal start date. I generally prefer a full-year commitment (usually including summer) so that you can be maximally productive in our team. 

graduate students

The Computer Science Department has an application deadline in December for start in the following September. Please mention my name as one of the faculty you are interested in working with, and I will review your application. 

postdoctoral fellows

Email me directly. Please explain how your Ph.D. research connects to mine, and which of my recent projects you have found most interesting. 

Contact Information

Phone Number

+1 416-978-2589


University of Toronto

Pratt Building Room 286C, 6 King’s College Rd, Toronto, ON M5S 3G4,

University health Network

190 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, ON M5G 2C4 RFE 4th Floor